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Our experience, philosophy, and what to expect from our classes

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Leonardo Rocha

Having had previous professional experience playing in his native Brazil, before moving to Switzerland with FC Zurich U21, and later FC Schaffhausen, Coach Leo came to be in 2013.

After completing his coaching diplomas with the Swiss Football Association, Leo gained valuable experience training the Juniors of FC Hakoah, FC Seefeld, and World United Football Academy (WUFA). Leo’s journey came full circle as he developed the desire to give back the enjoyment football gave him growing up.


Our Philosophy

We aim to recreate the passion children all over Brazil feel as they learn to play futsal. We want to give them a taste of the uniqueness of this style of play as they develop their creativity, style, and ginga.

From Pele, to Messi, Neymar, and even both Ronaldo’s, many players have honed their skills and became the players they are today because of Futsal. Quick and continuous play on small pitches provide the perfect training ground in control, skill and stamina.

U6 Classes

We provide class training for a variety of age groups, from U4 to U16 across various locations islandwide.

With a mixture of fun games and activities, as well as matches, your child is sure to have a footballing experience they’ll never forget.

U6 Classes

We also offer private and small group coaching to improve technical skills and tactical awareness.

If you are interested in supplementing your child's football education with specialised training, please get in touch to find out how we can help.

U14 Classes

Our team training is for players who want to test their ability against others in a competitive setting.

In addition to bi-weekly technical training sessions, the Brazilian Lions compete in the JSSL leagues. Find out more about our team training.