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The Brazilian Lions

JSSL League Matches

Once our students understand the basics of ball mastery, passing and shooting we wanted to provide a platform for them to develop their skills even further, and in 2017 we entered our first two teams into the JSSL Singapore Leagues. One year on we now have our first two trophies and have grown to a total of 4 teams playing in U6, U7, U8, U9 JSSL age groups going in to the 2018/19 season.

The Brazilian Lions' intention is to provide a platform for players that want to pursue their passion at a higher level and test themselves against their peers. We hold training for team members twice weekly and regular friendly matches outside the competitive season.

Brazilian Lions

Under 6 and 7

The U6 and U7 Brazilian Lions are our youngest teams. The purpose of these teams is to familiarise students with the rules of the game whilst competing against teams of a similar ability providing a challenging, but rewarding experience.

Matches are 30 minutes in length, consisting of two 15 minute halves, and a 5 minute interval with unlimited substitutions.

Game Basics

We introduce basic rules such as corners, throw-ins, fouls, fair play and sportsmanship. These, along with basic skills create the foundation for them to develop their skills even further.


Our Under 6 and Under 7 teams will also learn about basic tactics, from positioning, attacking movement, defensive play, to vertical counter-attacking styles.

Match Play

Students will be exposed to match play in training, friendly and league environment. At this age group we focus on enjoyment and experience in a fun environment.

Brazilian Lions

Under 8 and 9

Having mastered the fundamentals of the game, The U8 and U9 Brazilian Lions are in place to help students progress even further, as they take the skills they’ve learnt on the small 5-a-side pitches and apply them to a larger field.

This itself brings further challenges as the students will need to improve their stamina, concentration, and decision making as they begin to play matches of a longer duration.

Advanced Skills

With the basics mastered we now introduce a sense of individuality and allow them to express themselves on the pitch with their own natural flair and traits.

Match Fitness

Game length now increases to 20-30 minutes per half. To prepare them for this our training will start to focus on their fitness and ability to recover effectively.

Set Pieces

Having mastered throw-ins, corner and free kick basics we now introduce specialised set piece plays and pre-conceived ideas about what to do in a dead ball situation.

Brazilian Lions

Team Training

In order to prepare our teams for league matches, team training is held twice weekly. This enables us to simultaneously develop their tactical awareness and mental focus as we prepare them for the bi-weekly fixtures.

We never push students harder than they are capable of, and realise that players of all ability can play an important part of any team, as it is not skill alone that determines how successful a player can be.


Regular training gives students the experience of working together in a team and provides the discipline to achieve a common goal.


Achieving goals is based on hard work, perseverance and dedication. We instil that in them that what they can achieve is entirely at their feet.


Achieving their goals will empower students, giving them a sense of identity and belief that they can apply in everyday life.

Training Schedule

What to expect

4 Hours Training Per Week

Our training takes place on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings, with each session running for 2 hours.

12 Competitive Fixtures a Season

Excluding friendlies, our teams will play a minimum of 12 competitive fixtures a season.

Training & Match Analysis

We record training sessions and games to aid development and help highlight areas for improvement.


How it works

Monthly Subscriptions

We set up a secure and automated payment using a credit or debit card of your choice that includes league fees, training sessions and regular new kits. No hassle, no fuss.


Advise which training and match dates you're available for through our weekly newsletter. If you're away for a period of time we will pro rata your subscription accordingly.

Support From The Sidelines

Come along on match days and see the hard work your child puts in during training come to fruition. Experience the excitement of the highs and lows first hand!

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